Personus is the future of wearable technology, designed and created for ultimate immersion and interaction with your surroundings. With all the features of a modern wearable, additionally it has one single feature that sets it apart from all other devices:

It increases your hearing above normal levels.

Turn on the coffee, listen to your schedule for the day, hear your baby stirring upstairs, all without moving from the spot. 

Why you need Personus

My superhero wearable!

Automatically brew your favourite coffee in the morning

Is this superhero wearable right for you?

Steam your favourite smartphone playlists 

directly in ear, no headphones necessary!

Answer all calls and messages

  WITHOUT the need for a smartphone.

All your notifications streamed right in your ear!

Seamless connection with your smart TV.

Calorie, fitness and health tracking.

Connect with your security cameras, alarms and security devices.

Listen to your favorite YouTube channels

 anytime, anywhere.

Increase your  hearing above normal levels - like a superhero!

You'll always get updated with the newest features automatically.

Sci-Fi movies are no match for our wearable.

The most advanced wearable on the market

Show it off, or hide it in plain sight.  Personus lets you control your life, just by tapping on the device and connecting via the app. 

With the ability to hear sounds above the normal range of human hearing, Personas offers the first true "superhero wearable" experience, while providing all the features you love in a traditional wearable.

Awesome Support

Superhero Life

More Features

We'll help you with any issue in a matter of minutes.

Personalize your ear piece to suit your personality

Advanced features in one tiny device

The wearable paired with it's dedicated smartphone application will seamlessly connect all functions and features in one interface for your total control. Change settings and switch features on the go.



"The advancements in hearing aid technologies are astounding!  Challenge your perception, in-ear devices were the "original wearable" long before the smartwatch ever came along."

"I can't believe modern hearing aids can do all this. I used to think of hearing aids as a negative thing, I'm shocked.  I want one, too!"

Personus is not a real product, this page was created by The Hearing Foundation of Canada to help challenge the continued stigma around wearing hearing aids.  We believe that hearing aids truly were the first wearable technology, using technology to enhance and improve the human experience since the 1970s.   

If you have any questions about this campaign, please contact us at or visit our real website at

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